3 Myths of Whitewater Rafting

Let’s throw a twist on the common cliche and say, “Don’t judge an experience based on its most popular video on social media.” That sounds about right, right?!

You might see the viral videos that involve “extreme” rafting adventures as you scroll through your feed. However, these videos don’t exactly paint the most accurate portrait of what whitewater rafting really is. Trust us, most rafting trips do not lean to that extreme, nor do they need to in order for you to enjoy your time whitewater rafting. At Smoky Mountain River Rat Whitewater Rafting, we offer a wide variety of “Mild to Wild” packages and can match your desired level of adventure. We assure you that even first-time river rafters can enjoy their time at River Rat Whitewater Rafting.

“I will miss my electronic devices.”

In our day-to-day lives, we rely on one little rechargeable device. We have become more reliant than ever, to the point where going without it feels too uncomfortable for many. The sad truth is that while we look down at our devices each day, we’re missing out on the world and people right in front of us. Well, it’s time to look up from your device! Your experience on the Pigeon River will have you enjoying your time away from your phone!  Smoky Mountain River Rat Whitewater Rafting is one of the few vacations where you can truly unplug, recharge, and take in the world around you.

“Rafting is the same no matter where you go.”

If you think whitewater rafting is the same no matter where you go – or that going just going once will do, think again! The Pigeon River offers a delightful and scenic introduction to whitewater for all Smoky Mountain vacationers. With miles of continuous adventure and family class rapids nestled in the heart of Tennessee’s most spectacular mountain scenery, the Pigeon is one of the most popular whitewater rafting trips in the country

Every river trip down the Pigeon River is unique, even if you do the same run every time. During your first course with Smoky Mountain River Rat Whitewater Rafting, you will see some of the best views of the Smoky Mountains, allowing you to think you have seen all there is to see. However, your second trip might reveal a new side of the Smokies that you never knew was there. The landscape of the Smokies and flow of the rapids are ever changing. If you find yourself wanting to explore the various packages of Smoky Mountain River Rat Tubing, you’ll not only find apparent differences in landscapes and rapids but will also find yourself asking, “When can we go back?!”

Book Your Whitewater Rafting Trip Today

With no experience necessary, Smoky Mountain River Rat Rafting has an adventure for everyone. Don’t hesitate – especially now that the myths you’ve read about have been busted. Give us a call (423) 487-4303 or visit us online, we’re expecting you!


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