Have No Reservations About Making A Reservation With River Rat!

Are you a planner? If you like your adventure with a side of security, you can pay online and save. For single tickets, you save $2 when you pay online.

To make a reservation, just access our online payment system HERE and you will receive an email confirmation of your payment. Your online purchase is non-refundable, but can be used, at your convenience, at any time during the current tubing season ending Labor Day Monday each year. We are able to easily access your reservation in-store, so once you arrive, all you need to do is provide the last name on the reservation. Simple!


**Keep in mind, tubing reservations are not required, but are very helpful!


Keep in mind, reservations are not required for tubing but are very helpful.  However, if you prefer to pay in-store we can accommodate you, or your group, at any day or time.

Individual Day Tubing Tickets:

You can purchase ticket in-store between 10am – 4:45pm. Keep in mind the last time to start a tubing trip is 5pm. Allow yourself enough time to make your purchase and enter the river by 5pm.

  • Pay in-store before 11am and save 3 dollars/individual ticket
  • Pay in-store after 4pm and the next day is FREE
Group Payments:

Groups of 10 or more are welcome to pay in-store. However, in order to receive the group discount you must pay with one transaction. Also, note, there is an additional $1 off per person when you pay and sign waivers on-line. This additional $1 is only applied ON-LINE.