Water Levels And Tubing: What You Need To Know

Tubing season is here and that means spending sunny afternoons drifting along the Smoky Mountain rivers. However, when Tennessee weather decides to act up, water levels can affect the safety of folks looking to have some river relaxation. It may be difficult to know what each water level warning means, but River Rat is here to make sure you know the warning signs of dangerous water levels and how to tube responsibly!

Very Low Water

In the Tennessee heat, it can be easy for rivers to lose volume during peak tubing season. During ‘very low water’ levels, the rocky bottom of the Little River is easily exposed and can cause a stoppage during your tubing adventure. During ‘very low water’ levels, it is highly recommended to wear protective footwear and be prepared to walk with your tube during especially shallow areas. 

Low Water

On Little River, low water levels can expose tubers to the rocky bottom that lies below. Despite the potential rough ride, the river is still navigable and, more importantly, enjoyable. We still recommend wearing protective shoes and to be prepared to walk during certain stretches of your trip. While not ideal, riders can still enjoy a trip down the Little River during ‘low water’ conditions!

Average Water

Not too high and not too low! This level is when the water is just right. When you see an ‘average water’ level, that means the river is sitting at a normal range for rider safety. However, the Little River has a very rocky bottom and riders can still experience a couple of bumps along the way. Average water doesn’t mean your experience will be like a lazy river; you will still be expected to steer your tube along the river bends. However, an ‘average water’ level is the ideal standard for your average tuber. 

High Water

If you’ve lived in, or visited, Tennessee long enough, you know that Mother Nature has a tendency to be unpredictable. Heavy rainfall can occur suddenly in the Smoky Mountains and River Rat takes the safety of riders very seriously. In the case of dangerous water levels, River Rat may close river paths or put age restrictions on tubers. If you plan on tubing with River Rat after a heavy bout of rain, be sure to give us a call to make sure the river is at a safe level. 

Tube With River Rat

Whether you’re looking to relax on the river or have a whitewater rafting escapade, River Rat is here to satisfy the adventurer in you! Before your next visit, be sure to check our website to make sure our river levels are at the perfect height for your safety. To schedule your visit, reserve your space today or give us a call. See you on the Little River soon!

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