Weddings in the Smoky Mountains

The Ultimate Adventure: Smoky Mountain Style

Webster defines adventure as

  1. an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks
  2. an exciting or remarkable experience
  3. an enterprise involving financial risk

I can think of a number of things to fit these definitions, can’t you? The Smoky Mountains are home to lots of adventurous activities like whitewater rafting (especially with the folks at River Rat Whitewater!), hiking, ziplining, tubing, etc.   But I bet there is one adventure that did not come to mind.  Here’s a hint: it is often referred to as TAKING THE PLUNGE! Yep! Marriage is one of life’s greatest adventures, full of the unknown, lots of excitement and a few risks along the way.  And every good adventure deserves the perfect setting to ensure maximum enjoyment!

The Smoky Mountains host more than 10,000 weddings each year—and for good reason!  The beautiful landscape of the Smoky Mountains is the perfect backdrop for your big day.  With most of the decorating taken care of by Mother Nature, you can focus on enjoying your special day with family, friends and your one true love!  And there are no shortage of chapels, retreats and outdoor venues that are ideal for hosting your Smoky Mountain wedding.

Of course, as with any destination wedding, there are a few things to keep in mind.


  • Travel


Whether you are inviting only a few close friends and relatives or are planning for a larger showing of guests, you need to keep in mind how far your guests will have to travel and what means of transportation are available.  A drive to the Smoky Mountains area is easy and convenient, with travel time from most major cities in the Southeast being 6 hours or less. And Knoxville’s McGhee Tyson Airport is conveniently located in nearby Alcoa for any guests who travel by plane.


  • Accommodations


Your wedding party and guests will need a place to stay while enjoying your wedding festivities.  The Smoky Mountains have a variety of accommodations from hotel/motel rooms, mountain cabins and chalets, and romantic bed and breakfast inns.  Whether you choose separate accommodations for all your guests or you opt to house everyone under one roof, there’s a place for that here!


  • Memorable Experience


Destination weddings are undoubtedly fun for everyone; however, there’s a good chance that the bride and groom will have more memories of the event than those in attendance.  Why not ensure a lasting memory for your entire wedding party with a trip down the Pigeon River?! River Rat Whitewater has awesome group adventures with affordable rates for everyone. A rafting trip with your wedding party—either before or after the big day—will add that little something extra that will make your destination wedding an event everyone will remember for years to come. And as an added bonus, the bride and groom will get a unique memory for the wedding album—special rafting helmets just for the occasion, complete with a veil for her and a top hat for him!

You’ve found the one and are excitedly awaiting the big day…call River Rat Whitewater today and let’s plan the perfect adventure to help you and your loved ones celebrate your biggest adventure! 423-487-4303

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