Must-See Waterfalls in the Smokies

There’s no better hike than one that concludes with the serenity and bliss of a waterfall. Smoky Mountain National Park has over one hundred waterfalls that are accessible to tourists. However, there are four simply breathtaking waterfalls that you must see on your next trip to the Smoky Mountains. 

Laurel Falls

Only 1.3 miles up and 1.3 miles down, Laurel Falls is an “easy” rated hike so it is traveled and seen by most tourists. It is a rugged but paved path, so be sure to wear sturdy shoes or hiking boots. Once you reach the waterfall, you will be standing on a bridge right over the middle of the rushing water. Look in front of you to see the staple “upper falls,” and look behind you to see the water rushing down through the stream; it’s an incredible view from every angle. 

Grotto Falls

This stunning waterfall is the same distance of a trek as Laurel Falls but has a bit of a more rugged path. Still falling in the “easy” category, you can take the whole family up to see the rushing water. What’s unique about Grotto Falls is that you can actually walk behind the waterfall for the most surreal views and incredible photo opportunities. This trail contains an abundance of trees and vegetation, so it is perfect for nature lovers.

Abrams Falls

The hike up to the amazing Abrams Fall is a bit longer, at a roundtrip total distance of five miles. That’s two and a half miles up, and two and a half miles down. The hike up to the cascading water is rated as “moderate,” so it is for more experienced hikers. However, if you are a beginner, take it slow and you should make it just fine! This waterfall is shorter in height than the others mentioned but more powerful and higher in water volume. 

Ramsey Cascades

This is the tallest waterfall in all of the Smoky Mountains, so Ramsey Cascades is the ultimate must-see! The difficulty level is rated as “moderate” and is a roundtrip distance of eight miles. Needless to say, this hike isn’t for the faint of heart. On the hike up to this monumental waterfall, you will pass through the Old Growth Forest. This forest contains some of the tallest trees you’ll ever see, so you’ll be hiking through history to see a record-setting waterfall. Could it get any cooler than that?

Finish the trip at River Rat

Less than an hour away from most of the above-mentioned falls, Smoky Mountain River Rat is the perfect end to any Smoky Mountain trip. After enjoying the beautiful waterfalls and trails that Mother Nature created, come play in her water parks to end the trip. We’ll see you soon! 

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